Mission Statement

Auto Glass Express promises to always put the safety and experience of our customers first by always providing industry leading professionalism across all channels of our business.

We will always provide a fair quote, the best offers, latest technologies, great customer service, premier auto glass products and original windshields.

Our Promise

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If your going do something, do it great or don’t do it all. This is the motto we live by and because of it, it’s a rarity that we have to redo or reservice any of our work. However, in those instances, we provide a lifetime warranty on replacements done by Auto Glass Express.

The safety of our customers is always the #1 concern and we ensure that’s never at risk by having our professional technicians use only the best products, materials and auto glass.

Auto Glass Express has several installers and technicians located throughout the valley for quick and professional mobile installations and repairs.

We always do our best and promise that we will go out of our way to match or beat any competitors pricing when it comes to cash installations or cash back offers.

Auto Glass Express understands the importance of skilled employees and ensures all of our technicians go through numerous hours of training and come with previous industry experience.

We understand how busy the days are because of this our mobile team will work with you for weekend and evening installations, repairs and windshield replacements.

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