ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems which includes various safety technologies in modern cars. The aim of these technological enhancements is to further and improve your safety and your vehicle’s safety.

ADAS is usually found in windshields of modern cars. And when a car’s windshield has integrated ADAS technologies, the windshield replacement is a bit different than with older, conventional windshields.

What do ADAS windshields include

Like every piece of technology, vehicle manufacturing is also evolving. A few decades ago we didn’t have cars that keep us in our lane on the motorway and now, the majority has this feature as standard. So with the evolution of the car industry, more and more advanced safety technologies are being integrated into modern cars.

ADAS windshield usually involves cameras and sensors placed at the top of the windshield. And because these sensors are rather sensitive, replacing and ADAS windshield is a delicate procedure. The auto glass shop has to make sure that after the windshield replacement the sensors and cameras are not misaligned because that can have a huge impact on how they perform. In order to avoid any misalignment, the technician that will be replacing your ADAS windshield has to do correct calibration so that all systems remain in the right place. And since ADAS technologies are becoming more advanced and complex, you need to have a skilled auto glass repair shop for these calibrations, if you ever need to replace your damaged or cracked windshield.

Why is ADAS Windshield calibration necessary?

ADAS windshield is usually set up with a variety of sensors and cameras. Every car manufacturer recommends that the safety systems get calibrated after windshield replacement. This will ensure that the system is aligned and working properly. Poorly fitted windshield, even if it’s off by a fraction of an inch, might cause a malfunction with ADAS technologies which car endanger your life and the life of your passengers. Since not every ADAS technology is the same, car manufacturers also provide unique settings for calibration.

It’s highly recommended that the calibration is done IMMEDIATELY after replacing the windshield. Furthermore, your car’s ADAS should be checked if:

  • The camera was disconnected
  • The camera was partially removed or if it develops a fault
  • You have made any changes to your wheels or suspension. This can also influence your car’s ADAS

Do I need to calibrate my ADAS windshield?

If your car features any of these technological advancements, it’s most likely then upon windshield replacement, you will also need to calibrate your car’s ADAS. But to be certain, make sure you consult with a trusted ADAS windshield professional. ADAS windshields usually include some (if not all) of the following:

  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Adaptive light control
  • Automatic parking
  • Blind-spot monitoring
  • Collision avoiding system
  • Lane departure warning
  • Traffic sign recognition and more

Luckily we at Peoria Auto Glass Express are equipped to do your ADAS windshield calibration, for any make and model. So if your windshield has ADAS integrated and you need to have it replaced, make sure to contact us today for calibration!