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Auto Glass Express Peoria is your local mobile auto glass service provider in Peoria, Arizona serving the entire west valley.

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How to Insure Your ADAS Features Operate Correctly After Replacing Your Windshield

When replacing your windshield glass, find quality auto glass that meets AGRSS/ANSI standards. Since ADAS use cameras and sensors in very precise areas of the windshield, any misalignment can make recalibration difficult or impossible.

Unfortunately, there is no DIY method to recalibrate these systems. Due to the complexity of ADAS, special computers and trained technicians are required to adjust these systems. In some cases, disconnecting the negative cable on the battery (black cable) for 60 seconds may reset the car’s computer and certain ADAS features. This is just a temporary fix, however. Always seek professional help to ensure your safety features are working properly. That’s where Auto Glass Express Peoria comes in.

In general, when a windshield is replaced, ADAS recalibration is required. The windshield specialist may be able to do this for you, but always ask beforehand if this service is performed by the contractor. At Auto Glass Express Peoria, some of our specialists are trained in ADAS recalibration and skilled in selecting the right windshields and installing them in a way that advanced safety features will be ultimately unaffected by the replacement.

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