Most of the time, car owners have damaged front windshields and to them, rear windshields don’t seem to be that much important since you don’t look out of your rear windows nearly as often as you look through your front windshield.

Well, you are mistaken. Because driving with a damaged rear windshield also puts you at great risk.

Car owners who’s rear windshield has suffered some sort of damage are supposed to have it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. But how can car owners know when it’s just enough to repair a rear windshield and when it’s time to completely replace it? We’re here to shed some light on this.

Difference between your front and rear windshield

There are some essential differences between your front and rear windshields and these should help you determine whether you need to fix it or repair it. Front and rear windshield only look the same, but trust us they are not.

Rear windshields are made from so-called tempered or safety glass. The goal is that the strength of the windshield should keep it resistant to impact and also maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle. However, even tempered glass will shatter, under a significant force.

On the other hand, the front windshield is made from laminated glass. This means that is made from flexible polyvinyl sheets that are placed between two sheets of glass. Thanks to this design, the front windshield can endure significant impact without shattering. This way the safety of the driver and passengers is secured. Furthermore, laminated glass is much more simple to repair if it gets damaged.

So now that we know what the main difference is between those two windshields, let’s discuss repair and replacement.

Rear windshield repair and replacement

Because the rear windshield is made from tempered glass, and not laminated, it’s often impossible to repair it if damage occurs. You must have noticed some horizontal lines on your rear windshield. These are actually part of the rear windshield’s defrost system and if it gets damaged, it’s impossible to repair it or reconstruct it. So if the damage occurs on some of these lines, it’s very likely that repairs won’t be possible. But, if you only have a small chip, which doesn’t go over these lines, it’s very likely that a repair is possible. The same goes with superficial and not too deep scratches.

It goes without saying that if the rear windshield suffers substantial damage, it will need to be replaced. This damage happens under heavy duress. Furthermore, if the damage is so severe that is compromising your vision or if the rear windshield shatters…well you know what’s next. Get it replaced immediately.

So if you’re stating to notice some damage on your rear windshield, like small chips, cracks, come buy at Auto Glass Express in Peoria and let our technicians take a look. It’ might be something small that can be repaired.